Return Policy

Thank you for the site to order merchandise to safeguard your rights, please read the following instructions carefully:

[Appreciation of seven days, or non-use of the probationary period]

 . Receive the goods within seven new bad can return, shall keep the product appearance and packaging of the entire (so as not to affect the secondary sales basis)
     Of dirt and refuse returned goods, if more than this period, deemed complete acceptance can not be returned.
 . When return, please use the original box packaging goods on their own return, such as a box damage will affect your return rights.
 . Purchasing goods for the appointment of purchasing no appreciation of seven days, appoint Please read before purchasing.
 . Goods for repair service, please return the product together with the warranty card, the company will complete the repair as soon as possible in accordance with the original return mailing address for you, please take the initiative for change of address inform.

 Warranty Online Application Process
※ non-purchase or distribution at the specified by the site to buy a new digital-hui does not accept warranty repair.
1. Fill in the top left of the site] [contact the owner, confirmed the purchase data, within 24 hours of customer service will contact you.
2. The customer service will send the family shop to shop on the return code to your phone.
3 .. The warranty card together with carton packaging to protect.
4. Family Chain Store to use Famiport, delivery is entered into the shop after shop Code → Print white single payment sent to the clerk.
4. Pursuant to handle the goods the next day fast replacement of complete or return the factory for repair.