Return Policy

Thank you for ordering goods on this site. To protect your rights and interests, please read the following instructions carefully:

[Seven-day appreciation period, non-use period or trial period]
1. The returned goods must maintain the integrity of the product body, accessories, internal and external packaging, accessories, gifts, guarantees, original packaging and all accompanying documents or information,
Do not miss any accessories or damage the original outer box. If the returned product cannot be returned to its original state, it may affect the return rights or part of the cost.
(Please note! Hesitation period is not trial period). Because the product seal is a one-time packaging, the product must be returned to its original state when returned.
This means that you must return to the original condition when you received the product, and an additional 10% refurbishment fee will be charged depending on the condition of the recovered product.
Please be sure to confirm the purchase demand before unpacking.

2. For non-defective products, please return and exchange within 7 days. The buyer will bear the freight.
  . When returning goods, please use the original box to send the goods by yourself. If the box is damaged, your rights to return goods will be affected.
 . There is no seven-day appreciation period for purchasing goods. Please read them carefully before appointing purchasing agents.
 . If the product requires repair service, please contact customer service first and send the product back together.
After the repair is completed, the company will send it back to you as soon as possible according to the original shipping address.
※ Non-website purchases or designated dealers do not accept warranty repairs.

Chengxing return information: (post office / home delivery)
To: Cheng Xing
Return address: 1F, No.57, Xingfu Third Street, Guishan District, Taoyuan City
Customer Service Tel: 0983404150
(Please be sure to contact customer service for the return notification to avoid being unable to determine the return information.)